Thursday, 3 March 2016

22 Lossage, i

The winter, starts of the fairy tale                                      
The tale of a girl with two men
I know, it will end at summer 
In the prophecy of one man-
But who will be that lucky man?
Am i? or will he be? i doubt.
Now it depends on the fate;
Who ever knows to create the fate',
The creator will end the tale of winter.
And a tale of a single girl as-
Will ends with the fate of single man.
But what is the winter tale of?
Love, affairs, friendship or common relationship?
Lossage the born of new epistolary,
A story of the winter twilight eclipse-
Conveying the message of love to world.
And it can be the message of love-sure, 
So the contain of lossage-The winter tale.
Sharing the freedom of secular love,
In the farthest distance of dream
faced in the pain of emptiness 
And even anticipation of meeting with dream.