Sunday, 6 March 2016

22 Lossage, vii

When i look upon the sky amidst the day
i can see nothing, but the cloud in gang swing in directions.
The greatest artist of all they like and wish to draw,
Making the shape of all the mysterious and our wonders.
As i went deep, just covering the direction
To the beauties of sun i reached above my head.
But it could not accept my eyes to see because-
i did not accumulate the good deed in my karma,
to allow me from seeing it with my proud blinking.
so i compare you to the sun upon the sky.{Pure, Virgin and beloved}
During the night, lonely i was thinking.
As i strongly penetrate through its colour.
The moon, the stars and the light of taller building,
i could see beyond the blackness of my eyes.
Breeze slowing as if the warmness of your body,
surrounding me and helping to make me chill
 As we had spent in our short sporadic time.
So the beauties of stars shining so far as i see,
Million of beauties i can count twinkling{with love sight for me}
But no! i can't accept their love of too far from my height.
And the Moon, came nearest to me like a time i come for you,
So love the moon to replace  your shadow as i miss you at night.