Thursday, 17 March 2016

22 Lossage, x

We have thousand of distance betwixt, north and south like.
And the numbers of days to count, ere we arrange the meet.
May be the months away to chase by the time we have.
As or many considerations, one thing is aye alive.
And another thing that belongs to me is always with you,
That the hope is alive and my solitude heart is with you.
i keep my hope beyond the trust, give my heart in love,
 -apart my need, so or, believe i could arrange our togetherness.
A permanently together till we end to live by.
When word go strong in love, you must be in doubt you develop,
As you said, "You are highly educated, you may ruin me".
I do admit it, few have done that and most will say "no"-
So i am here on ''no''. giving you the space to build me a trust.
And i do consider of my education as a bow-
that join the idea from the numbers people in making better world.
so it wouldn't bother you of suffering with me, i oath,
Instead i feel, i am the valued more than i consider my grade in classes.
And my value timely warns me, "Lets other suffering be mine".
Not because a line constructed of love for you a time today,
but the message keeping the god betwixt as an serious i feel.
So let me be your lover of ecstasy and of your death carcass-
So shall i be the lover of your soul by my undying soul in different live.
{for the uncountable years and a lover}