Friday, 2 February 2018

Dear my Beloved Wife

"I wish I am near to your breathing." With these words I am going to express few important things that we have to remember as nearly and early we could go into our parenthood. But I do remember you are more well learnt woman in every progress of this era into our responsibility. I am just the luckiest person to be your husband under your sweetest love, care and respect. Love you to the square of infinity.

Sweetie! I wish to extend my whole hours chatting, thinking, loving, and the nearest to your warmth every day, and I wish I could keep on writing all of my love into the expression of words but these are just a wish, my beloved. Still let's hope for better world together in  living together.

Just for your cherishing mesmerisation, I am delighted to express my greatest love this whole winter vacation with you. More over into your deepest conner of heart which especially made out of love and that is specifically for me only. I wish those days were never gone from us. I love you Sweetie.  Most importantly vacation proved to be most  worthwhile because soon we are expecting the beloved soul of our shares and purposefully made out of our greatest love.

And have you ever imagined darling on few cherishing moments which are to come in near future? Like! Like all other blessed couples we are even witnessing our beloved child. And this child soon calling us Mummy and Daddy. And our child calling Grandpa and Ma for our beloved parent. How fast the thing could change this year Sweetie? So we are blessed Sweetie. Sometime going walk with our child. Sometime going for religious visit in different places with a baby on our hands. Sometime a photos with our child. I can't wait any longer hence darling for these times to come.

Although these are the best moments to come, ere it comes we should also know how to let it come as we dream. Like if you need the best harvest of apple you need to give enough time for nurturing. Like wise, for your information darling, today our soul is exactly a month old inside your golden womb. It is our baby's birthday into your womb, so from your responsible husband and caring dad let me give my warm words on our baby,

"Dear My Soul.

Before i say any word, Happy Birthday my soul. You are a month old baby today into your golden womb of beloved mother. Be safe, your mother is stronger enough to keep you safe. Hence she will not chew Doma, drink alcohol and other drugs which are ill to your health. Let you be in good condition by the blessing of God.  Let you be born as like a spring sun without any disturbance and let you be aye shining like a mountain snow of Everest. And your dad is waiting with lots of eagerness to receive you. Love you so much.

Thank you
By your beloved Dad."

And addition darling, as a whole range of care and love for both you and our child. I request you to please visit your nearest hospital for the guidance as early as you feel you can make it. Know it darling! This is our first child coming without any experience. So guidance of all round things are most important. Let's promise together to our child that by together we can welcome him with greatest happiness not by the tears while in birthing. Let's do it darling. Please visit the nearest hospital.

Apart, please refrain some drugs substances that you have been having so far. Like rotten foods, doma, alcohol or any fermented things darling. These are all irrelevant to our health and brain of our baby. The wellbeing of our baby lies into your care. In regards as reward I will help our child to pronounce his first words as mother. Just a gratitude of taking care him very nicely. With love darling.

I think I will stop hear darling. So take care and stay blessed.

Thanks by your beloved Child's father.

Love you forever.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Love or Sex

I think i might be the worst person in this world, having a blog and not even keeping an updates. Still then again I want to borrow your time in my few short but longer than expected  lines to read.  If my words hurt your Sentiment I may ask God to forgive me.

I am not wonder to see how people change but i am wonder by how time keeps constant. I am not wonder by sunlight but i am wonder by how moonlight lights up the earth on 15th of Bhutanese calender.  I am not wonder by how tiger kills human but i am wonder by how could Lawers can't prison the tiger.  And i am not wonder by how you fucks your wife but i am wonder how could woman go for another man.

Are you prepared for 21st century? I meant the mid 21st century. We are going to experience a lot of unexpected things. Likes of- people will be fashion with body painting instead of wearing clothes, English will be written with all short forms(you-u, your-ur, come-com, etc) mode of transport will be single automatic machine and sex will be available with animals, and rebirth will be like human face on dog body, and so on. So get prepared my dear readers. And am I writing on it? Don't get boring with fast changing news -my readers. I am not in depth with such changes instead I always focus on making you interested in reading and with mixtures of desire in change for betterment. So today I am writing on "love or sex?".

"Love or sex" i think nobody would be first to the words. Love or sex, it is the words human mind frequently asked for. Though they are not being written in dictionary human would have always learnt these two words first. So do not get nervous instead ask yourself "sex or love."

I am confused now. During my schooling lives, I was always told by simple, caring, and loving boy that, he would be in regret to touch on my body also despite going for sex with me. He said me that if I give him a space for his love to live he would love  me forever.  Now i am finding you. I go in search of you by your name in every social media I use but i couldn't fine you. I am in hunger. I want to ask you back, are you still love with me? Are you still with the caracter i thirst for the boy to be my dream husband? I am asking you.

Now being a married woman, sleeping with the cutest baby of my heart from left,  and the strongest home feeling person, my dearest husband from right, I still dream you sometime, not with the hope of love but how nice you have been.

I wonder why all boys are not with your feeling? And the solution of wonder is just asking "love or sex". I see people getting in affairs as early as before their meansuration period. And i sense people breaking their virginity by penis as early as in their first party night. In school I see people happily living in affairs as if they knew what holds in their future.  And what does married women thinks more is- Did they find love or sex?

Finding love is easy my dear younger readers. I remember finding love in classrooms, party halls, Snooker rooms, bars, changlimathang, and at tea conner. But is that really love with the meaning you will find of love after twenty to thirty years of marriage? I meant will your love of today will be a breathing near to you after twenty to thirty years? How are you sure of it?

Let me be in more realistic. I never see more than few who really hold living together of long childhood relation. The most I have seen is the love that found at Memorial Chorten. So when you already see of how futures hold of love than why are you acting smart in your Flash?

People never find loves instead they find sex. And my dear ladies never lose your virginity in the name of love. Nevertheless don't be so excited of love you know while you are young. You have to define your own love after you give birth to your blood children.

Let me share my two loves meaning here. The meaning of love i saw when I was young and unmarried. Love- it is the feeling of exchange of heart. But by the beauty of face. And that beauty of face is a reflection from broken mirror. Never trust. For that love we make long future so near, mistakenly to bring your own regret. Despite all  you sleep,  you make tattoo,  you fucks. That is just your tender love.

And the love after marriage is- it is a feeling of home. The strongest home. Love is a respect of time, money and everything. And love is a parent. That is the beauty of love.  And remember that beauty you see will never fade. So wait for this love to come.

At last girls are always at loser side. And my dear boys if your feeling of love is just for sex don't try to spoil their nature, nature of girl. Do you know that every girls carry a gift to her future husband and that is their only most preserved virginity. So let them reach to their husband. With the few words of your fake sympathy can get a virginity of every girl. Because girls are psychologically weaker than the boys. So respect them how father respect their daughter.

P.s written with the tears of women.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Letter To Tubby


Dear Tubby,

I wish if you were human, I will tell you what I feel and so it is very unlucky for me to be you in the form of little lovable dog. I am so sorry i have to take a very hard decision to you. But everything you are gonna ask for reason your internal mom will gonna explain you. I just wanna say I am very sorry.

It is not that I hate you, no matter what, till I change i will love you only. But what change? To be frank i am wondering myself in and for what change i can look or go. Probably the change i am gonna get myself is I wanna find another way to love you, care you and protect you. It is quite a long to count by months loving you but still I didn't convince you. I am so sorry. Call me failure though.  But always remember I wouldn't give up so easily. I am gonna keep trying till you realise "that is really true love."

For how long? I even don't know so what I need is stay safe and takecare. When you gonna hear me again I will be better man then today. I know you will gonna need prove of me. But if i were rich I could buy you "kohinor" from the British Queen, sadly I didn't possesses that much wealth. Still if we gonna stay together i am going to show a prove you need. And now I am little afraid too if i lose you before I reveal any of my prove. So stay on waits.

Build the patient of sky, my little Tubby, think of sky, wherever clouds goes they keep good faith on waiting. And for the clouds wherever they wanders they will be in sky only. So how long we will be without contact also at last I will be around you only, stronger.

Therefore stay well and i wouldn't make your waiting too long to get you tired. Trust me. Before the winter wind ends I am gonna knock your door with the summer umbrella that protects you from rain and summer heat. So never close your little door parmenantly.

Thank you.
Love you.

Friday, 16 June 2017

The Death

It prolonged me for some times to think on how to start with it. If i run my start directly saying death is end of everything, then of course if the readers are children, they may questions me out of curiosity and wonder how short the living is for this eternal life. If not, if i start with saying it is the schedule after old age then who has lost someone in younger may put me in their disbelief. So thinking on the starts it further delayed me in summing up of the volume.

Whole day of prayers completed, dinner completed, and took the refugees to the dakinis and dharmapala to protect me from all the barriers, lastly took union of myself with dharma and Buddhas. And placed myself in the comfort of wooden pillow covering by the thin red blanket on top. When i think of time it was 10pm. Now the time to listen the radio. Of course my schedule for listening radio news is what I have recorded of 8pm details news. 

These days, quite this year, or can we be called unlucky month of this month? The news have off loaded lot of death news. Somewhat the news of pain, and rather the great lost. Might be series of one week the June month witnessed so much of grievance. So my prayers and condolence for the victims never ends. 

So, if i be more on karmic tone, the repeated case of death might be because we are not that remembrance to the death. So result in carelessness of ourselves in taking ourself to the union of Buddhas and dharma. For these, remember death and after realising nothing gonna stay forever please take refugee in the god you believe. May this world be free of suffering. 

To understand Death is the simple, if one tries to means out the meaning, i am pretty sure, death alone will have more meaning, more than double of population counts. The perfection will come up with numbers of understanding,  and the low learnt will still have idea. Nobody is not known of death. So never gonna be new. 

Still then let me share of my view on the cliche topic. And i hope if someone could read this, at least I intended to educate the readers, if fail please bear for the time i am taking with nonsense arrangements of alphabets. 

Comparatively Death is a highway to the nowhere where everyone have to walk irrespective of age and time. Though we possesses the most expensive car, building, or anything precious, when we have to walk that highway we must walk empty. Despite not of what we possess, death even don't want our body. How wonder it is to walk in such highway? So when we gonna walk that highway we gonna all be same. Without the mark of gender, rich or poor, superior or inferior, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly we gonna be all same. Only the way of how we live in this world with the beauty of dharma and compassion weights more. So the narrative of our dharma and compassion practice will help us to gain the beauty of diversion of the highway to hell or heaven. So never waste to precious time to live with the possibility of getting merits. 

Of course Death is the champion of all champions. No matter who we are, death will never have respect to spare. When the time comes he even don't care how close that the person is to us(be it our mom or dad, brother or sister, love or hate), in where, and in what time? But in the most respect of understanding way, "death is the best way to enlightenment." Without the death we wouldn't be getting enlightenment. So in the other way death help us to take in paradise, to the place of no pain, no death and no suffering.  Imagine that place and practice the step of dharma and compassion la.

In other way of understanding, no death means no birth, if this world have only birth without death, then how could this world accommodate the endless generation of living? How could the resources can sustain for the endless living? In this case be wise and feel proud because every death is the new space for birth. In other way if there is no birth than one day this world will come to end without living being. So both death the birth are mandatory. 

And there is a place where we desire to be no death but only birth. That is the paradise of Buddhas. And if you ask me where? let me be stupid by saying practice dharma and for sure you will find. 

But practicing Dharma is not easy. One must be able to find the perfect teacher, a teacher who enlightened to help sentient beings. And able to guide through the irrespective of difficulties. After all, all depends on our own efforts to suffer on dharma practice. And once you attain enlightenment means you have conquered the end of death. So practice slowly, let world be easier then your dream. 

I think i am getting late, so let me take the refugee to the cave I am sleeping. For the endless of generation until all the sentient beings attain Buddhahood in the three kayas, let me be under your protection. 

stay clean and practice well. Take union yourself with dharma and may you be always in blessed side. Buddha bless you...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Thank You

It is quite and simply the long days out of touch with you Tshering. Now to count on the years from today(10.4.2017) it went around two years eleven months and four days since we last contacted by phone. It was evening of course, i was going to college library to get my assignments done but your call put my phone onto my ears while i was crossing the highway of South India. Of course lots of vehicles moving but despite juxtaposing myself with vehicles, i was much interested to your call, but i didn't knew it will be our last call. Anyway thank you for that call, though it was a last call i  felt happy, at least you made a call of departure. At any time if you call now or after 80 years I will be always with the greatest smile of our love to recieve your call.

To be frank i was quite immature to handle your love, for other reason you were my first love, so it went so fast than what I thought about love. Now my first love is as same as my last love. My love to you had been in childish way so I wanna ask your pardon on my way of love. So blame me for any curse you have because I couldn't educate you much. Blame for any mistake you create, as I fail to teach you. Blame me for any tears you fall as I couldn't give you happiness and blame me for everything because I couldn't keep you on hold with me. I am the source of your suffering, so let the sin be in my goes.

And with me, though you are not in my reach i must say I am always happy. Not because you went, since when we had a last call my heart always questioned me 'why did you let her go?' I am happy because I can know your every single of undate you do with your living. So i can feel as if you are still with me. Hope Buddhas above will always bless you. My prayers are with you.

The times gone were been very beautiful with you Tshering, even i can consider extra beautiful. And for me visiting Wangdue has been like i am going for pilgrimage. To the place we spent our day hours with winds after your computer classes, and more over the  house you lived at Wangdue is now my brother renting room. You know i am sleeping in the room you slept once. And do you remember some moments of our stayed Tshering? Everyday me coming to pick and drop you,  talking more than five hours under your umbrella, and our first meet at Punakha Dzong. And while we are going Punakha do you remember your feet being blistered by your hills slippers? Hehe. I do remember.  Though I die I can't forget those memories. Thank you for that Tshering. It gives me surprise laughter sometime.
Now let me tell you. Though you got a child i am still single. You may seems like am waiting for you but to be frank, it went like that, I was waiting you. But how long can i wait? If you are not married for sure my whole living can wait but for the married girl being waiting it seems like taking out the water from river. I am so sorry Tshering to inform you that I am in love with like your character girl. To introduce you about her it is going too early to make that still just as your hint, from the far relationship of relatives she is your younger sister only.

She is as simple as you but little courageous. Kind like you, hardworking like you, simple like you but in all in my eyes when my time goes with her she is weighting more than you in every field. But don't be sad Tshering, you are the Queen to  your king, just act like queen to him. But about my relationship with your far sister is, we are not in glue tide relation, more over your sister is intelligent, she is giving me a hard time to know about love. So i thank her so much.

Now everything I learnt about love from you and my lesson from you, I am going to prove her i am the best person. And Tshering help me to make her lovable.  And you will always be my loved hidden from all pain and suffering of this mundane world but loving your sister will be  with my plan of ageing together.  Thank you for adding me memories. After all we are family.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Juno's Love

I am somewhat stuck in my game of words
Not knowing how to arrange the alphabet in line,
For how, not because i lost the trend of writings lord
But by wonder of love existing in the friendship live.

We are friend, i do admit and it is same for your feelings
We love but yes we do love each other on the hope of
And building our friendship stronger than the love-living.
But being close and best is also a danger of being best off.

I feel i am still stuck, on the truth of game i am playing.
And the truth must be revealed somehow by any means,
But who will be listening on truth? May be the words flying.
So shall the world be hearing my truth through flying winds.

 I love you Juno, but i am your friend in your mind.
You may wonder if my words reach into your ring
But now, i have no space to keep it inside my mind.
And don't ridicule Juno, i meant it with the flying wings.

My love to you, it is not the new set on this world
Some are married, with children and few are making,
And affairs out of friendship are best for this world.
So we are making best on few already been of living.

I wanna marry you, let this world know about my love,
Which i have been keeping in my secret space of heart,
With much care and respect, hidden to all i have lived.
When time left me, i bring to a surprise of your heard.

Now let the guidance know of my love to you.
Let the people of our known may know us
And let god knows about my plan about you,
So shall god above be blessing aye to us.
 I love you and marry you.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Words of the Heart

Come on! The flow of spoken words,
Spontaneous to the end of origin
And the unseen teasure of the mouth
But will of the wings, 'Heart the hero'
Simply the name-bluff, due for unanswered
As the source of spoken words are unsung.

Oh! Words of the heart, millions-
Unknown, unwritten and not feathered
Singing without the tune for, and-
Dancing without the music beats
Deep inside the unknown hall,
Just with the eagerness of every human.

Speak it! Let it be finished
Finish! I doubt even all resources dry
Words of the heart finds for the ears.
For the deaf, louder by the way
By dumb, sings with the sign
So shall the beauty of heart never fails.

Words of the heart! And of my heart-
Nearer i get, towards your warmth
The pain of shiver i creates inside,
Power of the heart dissolves under shy
And the university of words scattered,
So i mute only with the beats of heart.

Breathing with the tune, heard by ear
Louder then the cracks of thunder
But the words of wisdom lies strong
Untill i share my last remaining words
Loud to thy heart, and develop the empathy
That builds me the home inside your heart.

And shall i aim for better lives
Dwell by nobody's love and care
And shall be the best to be followed
By the thousand hearts of human
And we will be the god of love-
Teaching the meaning of words inside:
'I love you' the words of my heart for thee.

Lucky Dog

I dream about you and yourself
One day with you at same home,
That you made in my empty house.
With the dream dreaming together.

And i dream about myself and my live
Sometime with the highest lust with you
In other days sharing the stories that went,
And mostly with the pride of future together.

But when does that mean come,
And when do i get the time to share you,
Of course sometime no time,
And dreams are dreaming alone.

So if i were a dog, Mr. Tubby
Who sleeep at your bed duo,
Who get your hands everyday,
And your kisses every minute,

Who gets beautiful looks,
Eye kiss, tight hug and lift,
Food from your hands everyday,
And care and love unending,

I would consider myself the best,
Blessed, luckiest and smart.
And that would never veils
Till to the till of my ends.

If i were your Tubby,
I would promise you with promises
The ring of love back towards you,
And i would never shit at your room.

I would love to keep the promises of:
I would never break you with tears,
Never leave you alone no matter what,
And will be loving you endingly.

Will go for walk aye,
Sing for you when you are sad,
Dance while you are desperate
And cry with your pain,

Ofcourse, would never go for finding romance,
Never cheat you with lies and words,
Would help you in every way of your living.
Afterall will be around you in all allows.

So does your Tubby doing all i wish?
And if he does, consider he got my mind,
 So shall, if he is opposite to my wish,
You need to go find another Tubby.

Right Tubby of your heart,
And for the beauty of your live,
That never fails you into pain.
Good luck in finding one.